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The Art Of Design

We at Carats pride ourselves on design hence we would like to talk about about the wonders, satisfaction and pride that comes from wearing something no one else has. Design like art is something everyone can have an opinion on and a piece that will get commented on by admirers will leave you in no […]

Betrothal Rings, A History Of the wedding ring

Have you ever wondered about the history or custom behind the most commonly worn jewellery adornment….the wedding ring? As we discovered researching this topic, history and its facts can be skewed where evidence and fact was not readily documented. Thankfully our historical heroes the stars of the beginning of this story can be bestowed with […]

Green Like An Emerald

Tsavorite garnet is a stone that is very commonly used by jewellers but is lesser known to jewellery consumers and often mistaken for Emerald. It certainly has Emerald like qualities about it and ideally the best Tsavorites are said to be Emerald green in colour. But there are subtle differences in the two gemstones and […]

History Of The Halo

Right now the Halo ring is probably the most popular of all diamond Engagement rings. Classic Halo rings feature a central round diamond (or gemstone) surrounded by a circle (halo) of smaller accent diamonds.There is more to the Halo engagement ring than a fashionable trend and a very good question to ask is will it […]

Vulcan Lane An Interesting Past

Carats has moving into the well known Vulcan Lane from our High Street location gave us immense pleasure and pride to be placed so prominently in one of Auckland’s oldest and renowned streets. We would like to share with you a little part of the history we have learned about Vulcan Lane and the surrounding […]

Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

Purchasing your ladies Engagement ring can be an overwhelming task but with the right tips and advice you can be confident to make your purchase with the following knowledge we will bestow upon you. With the upcoming purchase of the ring comes the inevitable excursion into several jewellery stores where you will be faced with […]

A Little Bit About Carats

Carats Jewellery est. 1996 has been a long standing business catering to the vibrant inner-city community and abroad. Carats re-located from their High St showroom 18 months ago to the iconic Auckland landmark Vulcan Lane, a charming relaxed environment which is befitting of Carats with just a small team of passionate jewellers whose endeavour is […]

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