History Of The Halo

Pink and white diamond Halo ring

Right now the Halo ring is probably the most popular of all diamond Engagement rings. Classic Halo rings feature a central round diamond (or gemstone) surrounded by a circle (halo) of smaller accent diamonds.There is more to the Halo engagement ring than a fashionable trend and a very good question to ask is will it be popular or outdated in 10 years? Will it go out of style?

To answer those questions here is a little history about the Halo. The Halo ring is a salute to days gone by.

During the Georgian Era many rings were set with a central stone surrounded by smaller round diamonds or sometimes pearls. These central stones were either round or cushion-cut, and the diamonds surrounding it were not the micro diamonds we see in today’s halo settings. Rather, they were slightly smaller round diamonds which gave the appearance of an opulent picture frame.

However it was during the Art Deco Era, that the emergence of what is traditionally referred to as the Halo setting of today. It has an old world charm and romance to it so I would say that in a way it has already stood the test of time.

The Halo ring is also a great way to increase the size of the centre diamond or coloured stone, if you are on a budget and if your looking for that bigger look what better way to go than the Halo. Aficionados are drawn to them because of their clean geometric shapes. The design is the perfect complement to Princess, Oval, Asscher, and Round stones.

Today, classic Halos have returned in force, expanding to include square-cut stones surrounded by pave-diamonds, reminiscent of the architectural designs of the Art Deco movement, as well as the brand new double-halo style that is growing in popularity today.

If the ring is well made, has a nice form and you love it now, I would like to hope you will love it in the years to come.

To show you a magnificent handmade ring commissioned at carats for one lucky lady, we have posted  step by step photos for you to see how a Halo Engagement ring starts with just the spark of an idea, the most basic of materials, that are then transformed by our skilled craftsmen into the most gorgeous ring. We hope you enjoy the slideshow.