Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Purchasing your ladies Engagement ring can be an overwhelming task but with the right tips and advice you can be confident to make your purchase with the following knowledge we will bestow upon you. With the upcoming purchase of the ring comes the inevitable excursion into several jewellery stores where you will be faced with a variety of choices from metal colour to setting styles and stone shape and colour. Many of these decisions will be based on your woman’s unique style and preferences, alongside the budget you have hopefully established before you set foot through the first jewellery store door.

Metal and Style

One of those first choices will be deciding on what type of metal to choose, firstly find out if she likes white, yellow or rose or a combination of these colours as this can determine what metal type you choose. Platinum and 18ct white Gold are currently your two most common metals to choose from, as well as being able to highlight the whiteness of your Diamond better the white colour is very fashionable. The benefits of Platinum over 18ct white Gold can be found in its durability as it is a harder wearing metal, that’s long lasting and easy to polish. 18ct Gold is softer and wears down faster this could potentially require the band needing replacing after 15 – 20 years if it gets too thin, and 18ct white Gold will require regular rhodium plating over the years to keep that white look. Another important factor when choosing the perfect ring is the style. Some styles will be more suited to a hardier lifestyle where other more delicate rings wont, be sure to take this into consideration when making your decision.

Diamond Shapes and Alternative Stones 

Most woman want a traditional Diamond ring but not all do. Try to make sure you know what she has wished for and hopefully what stone shape also. The most popular and best sparkle in a Diamond is the Round Brilliant cut, there are also Princess cuts that can give you size over sparkle , Cushions are lovely for Halos,  then there is an array of shapes from Ovals to Pears and Emerald cuts to name a few. Your style of ring will determine the most suitable shapes to be used, your jeweller can help advise you at this stage of the design process. If its a coloured stone she has always desired it may be her birthstone or particular colour, but for use as an Engagement ring Sapphires and Rubies are more durable than some other stone choices, like Emeralds which are beautiful but not for the feint hearted.

Handmade versus Cast 

Once you have established your budget its time to find a jeweller. Many jewellery stores these days offer a wide variety of styles to choose from starting at very affordable prices, most of which unfortunately are cast in a factory somewhere overseas. The end product might have all the boxes ticked visually until things start to go wrong, and often very quickly. Cast rings are undoubtedly inferior to a hand made ring as their strength in structure is compromised due to the casting process meaning they will bend and break easily and stones often start falling out early on in their lifetime. Quite often these rings are also to thin which compounds the weakness. When a ring is handmade the metal gets work hardened as it is created. This gives it strength and durability and the ring will often have a weight to it that a cast ring will not posses. Casting is a very helpful tool and is okay to use in some situations. But not when expensive stones and thin claws are considered. This is often the biggest factor that is overlooked.Remember your engagement ring is going to be worn for a lifetime.

Jeweller versus Web

Finding a local jeweller who can hand make even customise your ring to suit her requirements is a fantastic way to get the ring she has always dreamed of. Your newly found jeweller will also have an after sales service something you will most likely not get buying from most websites especially if they are overseas. The hassle in getting any resizing, repair work or a lifetime guarantee on your recent online purchase could become a costly venture. Therefore it is not advisable to purchase diamonds or diamond rings online as you don’t get to see first hand what you are buying and you don’t always get what you think you are paying for. This is just one of the benefits of dealing with your local jeweller, as you will be working closely with them through the selection and choice of the Diamond, and any design changes you may want to make.

The Element of Surprise 

So now you hope you have covered all your bases, done your homework and you feel confident you know what she will like and you now want to surprise and impress her with the  ring you have selected when that special moment arrives. Firstly making sure the ring is a perfect fit would make slipping that ring on her finger a breeze and avoiding any awkwardness when it wont go over her knuckle. Trying to get that perfect fit can be attempted by taking a ring she wears on that finger and getting your jeweller to use its size as a guide. Another option is to get her friends to help by taking her out to jewellery shops and try on rings.

At carats we also give you the piece of mind, if your not 100% confident or you want to present your partner with a ring before bringing them in to design their own, we offer the opportunity to buy something out of stock and return it for the ring of their dreams.