The Art Of Design

Tosca NZ Opera

We at Carats pride ourselves on design hence we would like to talk about about the wonders, satisfaction and pride that comes from wearing something no one else has. Design like art is something everyone can have an opinion on and a piece that will get commented on by admirers will leave you in no doubt that you have bought the best.

A great way to begin the design process is to start with a totally open mind. Don’t go for what you think you should have, try all options. Look at images to see what inspires you, then go out and see what looks best on you, whether it be a ring shape or the colour of the metal or selecting the stone colours that sing to you.

More and more these days people are wanting something different, something that is truly theirs. So often we hear from people that pop in to see our jewellery the elation that they have found something a little different. The truth is many of your chain jewellery stores buy their product from the same wholesale factories and therefore end up selling you the same products you can buy anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for something a  little unique off the the shelf or are wanting something custom designed especially for you, our advice would be to start with smaller jewellery stores that design and make their own jewellery. This way you will talk to a jewellery designer not just a salesperson and you will benefit from a one on one experience with that person being able to put your ideas onto paper and ultimately being able to bring your creation to life.

One of our most recent commissions was for NZ Opera who wanted a piece created especially to promote their recent performance Tosca. We were asked to create a cross that was totally encrusted with gemstones, so we chose to use Pink Sapphires, Amethysts and Diamonds to create a vibrant yet contrasting colour range to enhance the cross design. The cross itself was made from 18ct white gold. The end result was a delicious little number that ticked all the customers requirements both visually and monetary. You can click the following link to learn more about Tosca by NZ Opera

At Carats you don’t need an appointment to call in to discuss your design ideas, and we love the challenge of creating something new. A lot of the designs at Carats Jewellery are unique to us, with the designs having been trademarked to secure their authentication, meaning you can only purchase these unique designs through our store at 25 Vulcan Lane. Our opening hours are from 10am till 5pm weekdays and 10am till 4pm Saturdays, we hope you will call in to discuss your next piece of jewellery with us soon. You can see some of our unique designs on our website , and  also see the design process first hand on some of our Facebook posts of custom work we have recently done for our clients