Having a piece of jewellery designed just for you can be fun and very rewarding. To be a part of the whole process and to put your signature on it will make that piece very special to you.

Jewellery Design DrawingAt Carats we offer a complete design service where we will sit down with you and ask questions to find out what you love and want to achieve. From here we will sketch ideas based on your brief and come up with a design for your consideration. Next we will show you the possibilities for fine gemstones that work within a pre-agreed budget (it doesn’t have to cost the earth), then give you a timeframe and get to work on hand-making a piece that you will be proud to wear for life, and to show friends and family and to one day hand down to the next generation.

To book an appointment to have a piece designed and made just for you, please fill in our appointment form or call us on 09 309 5145 to talk about the next steps. We look forward to hearing from you.